Our new project: a large walkthrough aviary

The Réserve Africaine de Sigean has launched itself into an ambitious project: building one of Europe's largest walkthrough aviaries. You will be able to enjoy this one hectare wetland teeming with hundreds of African birds (Marabou storks, cranes, ibises, spoonbills, turacos, vultures, parrots, hornbills...), crocodilians, turtles and small primates. The construction works have just begun. For security reasons, some [...]

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Special offer at the Réserve Africaine de Sigean !

From Saturday August 26th until Saturday September 30th 2017, it's « EVERYBODY TO THE RÉSERVE AFRICAINE DE SIGEAN » with a SPECIAL ENTRANCE FEE of 30€ per adult and 20€ per child. ON YOUR AGENDA : Walking tour and drive-through safari, as many times as you want. Our advice : - Take the whole day. - Bring your picnic or enjoy a good meal at [...]

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