The Impalas live in herds of twenty females under the supervision of a territorial male. The coupling of these antelopes happens from March to April. Then, the female will give birth to a baby after 200 days of gestation.

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Red buffalo

The horns of the Red buffalos are generally crescent shaped. Short and directed backwards, they facilitate progression through the forest and are an effective defense when charging. Do not exit your vehicle under any circumstances!

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Concerning the Springboks, male and female have long and ringed horns. However it is possible to differentiate the male and the female : the horns of the female are straighter and finer than the horns of the male.

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Brindled gnu

This antelope is nearly the size of a cow. It's big head and wide muzzle contrast with his thin legs. Neck and upper back are covered with a mane. At Sigean, like in the wild, many young babys are born with light brown coat every spring.

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