For your own safety, the animals’ welfare and conservation of the environment, THE FOLLOWING RULES MUST BE RESPECTED.

DOGS MUST BE KEPT ON A SHORT LEAD as soon as they are let out of your car.
No dogs are allowed in the goats’ paddock.


Drive-through area

  • Convertibles, motorcycles or bicycles are forbidden. Like visitors arriving on foot, take the minibus.

  • Check your fuel level before accessing the area.

  • Drive slowly : 10 kph/6 mph.

  • KEEP your windows CLOSED. Keep an eye on children, make sure they do not open doors, windows or sunroofs.

  • DANGER ! DO NOT STOP YOUR CAR near to the bears, the lions and the rhinoceros.

  • DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR CAR FOR ANY REASON WHAT SO EVER. In the event of an accident or breakdown, beep your horn! A member of staff will come to help you.

Area visited on foot

  • In the car parks, lock your vehicle and leave no valuable objects inside. The
    management will accept no liability for any theft.
  • Do not enter the enclosures.
  • Don’t try to climb walls or up the trees.

  • Do not run after the animals.
  • Don’t throw anything to animals.

  • Do not pick any plants, flowers or fruit.
  • Please always use wastebins.

  • FIRE HAZARD : do not throw cigarette ends on the ground.

  • No bicycles, rollerblades or scooters.

  • Transistors of sound instruments are forbidden.


The Réserve will accept no liability for the consequences of any visitor’s failure to comply with these safety rules.
For your safety and in case of evacuation of the park, it is urgent to follow instructions and recommandations given by the Réserve Africaine de Sigean staff.