At the end of 2015, the Reserve Africaine de Sigean has launched itself into an ambitious construction work : renovate the Alligator’s house keeping all thier wall and framework.This complex construction work required the intervention of numerous teams since it was necessary to rebuild two watertight basins, equip one of these basins with filtration and a waterfall, replace a translucent and insulating roof,  build heated sandy beaches, replace the gas boiler with an electric boiler, build and plant tens of meters of planters, rebuild all door frames and pipes, install a VMC and roof windows, build an air lock at each entrance to the building and to rearrange the two terrariums inside the building.

Today, this rather successful renovation makes it possible to immerse the visitor in a tropical environment with luxuriant vegetation recalling the hot and humid forests of America in the middle of which flows a cascade peacefully, all bathed in natural light essential to alligators.

A must see !